Alzheimer's Association Creates Friendly Competition Between Blondes and Brunettes

Saturday, June 14th – The Young Professionals Alzheimer’s Association of Colorado presents the Blondes vs. Brunettes charity event. Teams of nearly 40 women will play flag football while raising money for multiple Alzheimer’s programs and services. Time cannot tell how long blondes and brunettes have been rivaling each other; Therefore, pitting blondes against brunettes in a friendly game of flag football puts a fun swing on the ongoing disputes. Red heads will participate as free agents! Last year, Colorado alone raised $72,000 of the $2 million raised nationwide in 40 different games.

This is a great opportunity to watch some talented ladies throw spirals, catch spirals, run the field, score touchdowns, and pull flags… using whatever tricks that might entail. These ladies have participated in months of serious practices, drills, and most importantly–fundraising for the Alzheimer’s Association. The brunettes won by a landslide last year, so the blondes are back for revenge!  Support the cause by donating, volunteering, or being a proud cheerleader.

There also have been and will be pregame events leading up to game day. Keep an eye on what is coming next in this exciting saga by following the YPAAC Facebook page. Epernay Lounge invites the community to the Blondes, Brunettes & Bubbly event on May 9th, of which will include a silent auction, appetizers, specialty cocktails, giveaway prizes, and more fun.

Whether or not you play in the game, spectate on the sidelines, donate to the cause, or help organize the event, all help is greatly appreciated. The ladies may be competing for the title, but in the end everyone works together to help the Alzheimer’s Association of Colorado move closer to obtaining their charitable goals.

More information and the schedule found here:

Also, take a glimpse of  last year’s event…

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