You're One of a Kind

O precious and beloved

You are so very unique

God has fashioned you with His strong, loving hand

Like dew covered grass of the morning

You have been arrayed with a wonderful and special adorning

O precious and beloved

Take some time, look up and live

For you have so very much to give

O precious and beloved

You’re a special breed and full of potential

For you have been blessed with every essential

Dare to follow the vision which God gives to you

And soon you’ll discover all you can do

You just ask and you’ll see

That God will help you to be all you can be.

O precious and beloved

You truly are one of a kind

Be sober, be vigilant – cultivate

And stimulate your mind

Go head, get a good education

For one day you may be head of the nation.

O precious and beloved

There’s one thing that’s quite certain

You are so loved of God and that is a fact

And it does not depend at all on the way you act

For He looks far beyond what you say and do

The Creator and the Essence of all life

And patiently waits for you to pass his tests and put an end to all of your strife

By changing your heart and giving you a new start

To make you brand new

You see, it happens in the Spirit

Just believe it and receive it!


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