Young Philanthropists Foundation: A Night at the Museum

Thursday, May 8th – Join the Young Philanthropists Foundation in a private gathering at the Children’s Museum of Denver. The evening will include full access to the museum, a light dinner, open bar, and a silent auction. Children will thrive as they explore a real fire engine, examine x-rays in the veterinary clinic, construct railroad tracks, build and test rockets, and so much more. Parents can enjoy the attractions as well, or sit back and relax while the children interact with the many wonders. For it is the children who will enhance our future. The Young Philanthropists Foundation celebrates and supports the initiatives of our young leaders.

“We believe that philanthropy is anything you do to make the world around you a better place. Every day, kids in our programs are making their communities better” –The Young Philanthropists Foundation.

From the Penny Harvest that raised $84,000 last year across 50+ Colorado schools, to the Impact Factory that fosters the skills and knowledge that young leaders use to change the world, to the Youth Initiative Board of youth participation in actual non profit projects and fundraisers, The Young Philanthropists Foundation supports young children up to young adults. The children and youth are willing and ready to create positive social change, and The Young Philanthropists Foundation helps support those dreams of importance.

Ask a child, “If you had all the money in the world, who would you give some to?” The responses can be both startling, and touching. Explore the innocence and careful thought of children by taking your family to the Night at the Museum. To register and find more information about The Young Philanthropists Foundation, click here. The Five Hype team anticipates the results of this wonderful event.


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