We work with producers, singers, and songwriters providing development, marketing, and music publishing. Learn more on how our music publishing works.

Submit your tracks!

For Producers submit your beats at our Dropbox and we will review for consideration. For Artists, we prefer mastered recordings to our instrumental productions.

Standard of Quality

Our evaluation criteria is based on overall sonic effect, emotional effect, melody, kick drums, bpm, instrument selection / chord progression / panning etc, and lyrical composition. We also run it through our Billboard hit formula test.

Let us begin by thanking you for your business. We greatly appreciate the fact that you are willing to spend your hard earned money on our music, but this is only the first step. Lead Alliance has a passion for helping musicians improve their craft and create music that is both critically and commercially successful. We help musicians achieve their dreams by using our systems, processes, technology, and most importantly our people. In that vein, we want to help you transform our instrumentals and beats into the best finished product possible.

There are a few things you can do to make the best use of your time and resources. First, have a plan. Learn the industry, figure out what works and decide what steps you are going to take to achieve your goals. Second, create the best possible recording you can. This includes perfecting the writing, working with other talented musicians and utilizing high quality recording equipment. Third, keep Lead Alliance involved in the process. We can help with mixing, mastering, marketing, publishing, licensing, representation and more.

Once you have a polished recording, send it to us. We can offer advice and guidance as to how to improve your product and help you take the next steps to get your music heard. We will work to help you register copyrights, become affiliated with publishing houses like ASCAP and BMI, distribute your music to major labels, market your music to media outlets and get your music placed in movies, TV shows, etc. For more tips, visit our [fancy_link link=”http://lamgworldwide.com/category/tips-advice/” target=”self”]Tips & Advice[/fancy_link]

In our agreements for purchased instrumentals and beats from us, you will see a publishing and production split. Those shares encompass and apply to distribution of your song to online distribution channels like iTunes, as well as film, TV, radio, and various mechanical royalties from other public performances. The 3% sales percentage of gross profits helps cover our extensive marketing and sales costs to get your song heard, which in turns gets you more fans.

We are not a management company and do not compete with managers, we simply help you and your management team.

With your talent and hard work along with our resources, drive and industry connections, the opportunities in the music business are endless. Thank you again for your interest in Lead Alliance and we look forward to working with you.

Mike Downey, CEO
[fancy_link link=”http://linkedin.com/mikedowney” target=”blank”]http://linkedin.com/mikedowney[/fancy_link]

[toggle title=”What does purchasing exclusive rights get me?” variation=””]We spend up to $2,000 to make a track sometimes and run all the business of making one instrumental, but if we sell it right away for $1,000 we lose money then it doesn’t work out for us or for artists. We firmly believe each artist should have a good crack at making a hot track that speaks to the fans. What we look for is artists to buy the full commercial rights and get the separated tracks for mixing and mastering. Then get into the studio and make a hot song and work with us to get it placed after it’s been mixed and mastered. You can make an offer on the track, but see the key is make a song the fans want. Then it starts taking off and we see it’s got commercial potential in sales / film / TV / Youtube / ringtones, etc… then at that time we would just pull it off the web and get behind it anyway. Once exclusive rights are sold the beat is removed from the web and Lead Alliance transfers copyrights to the song and splits publishing with the client (50/50). Exclusive rights the client cannot resell or transferred to any other party except by Client’s distribution company or if Client was bought out by another company, unless Company and Client agree to new terms for resale of the beat through further negotiation. Once Client has purchased the beat(s), Client will receive wave file of the separated tracks and a copy of the contract signed by granting “Client” exclusive rights to the beat(s). This contract is for independent artist, record, production and film. Any client with major label support these rates DO NOT APPLY.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”What is the difference between commercial and exclusive rights?” variation=””]With Commercial Usage Rights “Client” will be able to use the track(s) for commercial purposes, radio, live performances, music videos, ringtones, etc.. After 30,000 units of track are sold or played on radio, Lead Alliance and Client can negotiate a relationship that would have Lead Alliance act as Music Publisher to assist Client in obtaining a record deal (Lead Alliance has major placements and industry A & R relationships) and remove the track from the web. Once Client has paid for the commercial rights on the song(s), Client will receive SEPARATED WAV tracks and a copy of the contract signed by Lead Alliance, LLC granting “Client” rights to use the song for commercial purposes.Exclusive rights differ from commercial rights, as exclusive means a client holds the copyright, where with commercial rights Lead Alliance, LLC holds the copyright.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”What does purchasing a lease allow me to do?” variation=””]Purchasing a lease gets you a WAV file for demo use, live performances, music video, and radio use. You cannot profit off online distribution with a lease, however.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”I’m a producer, how do I get my music represented by Lead Alliance?” variation=””]If you are a Producer and you have instrumentals or reference tracks please submit music to be reviewed by Adrian Smith at adrian@lamgworldwide.com[/toggle]

[toggle title=”What can I do with an MP3 demo track I purchase?” variation=””]The mp3 is for Demo purposes (you can use the track for demo purposes, post on the Internet, however you cannot sell the track, perform live, or send to radio)[/toggle]

[toggle title=”When and how will my files be delivered to me?” variation=””]Your files will be emailed via YouSendIt within 48 hours of purchase.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”I’m an artist, how do I get my music reviewed by Kajmir Royale?” variation=””]Kajmir Royale does not review music personally. He is represented by Lead Alliance Music Group who reviews the music and checks out the artist’s legitimacy and reviews tracks.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”I’m an artist, how do I sign with Lead Alliance Music Group?” variation=””]Lead Alliance Music Group is not looking for any New Talent at the present moment. However, we do offer advice to up and coming musicians to get to the next level. Read our articles at http://lamgworldwide.com/hit-song-writing-ideas-tips-strategy/ and http://lamgworldwide.com/why-musicians-succeed/[/toggle]