What We Do



We discover new music based on certain evaluation criteria and deliver the music to audiences that will enjoy it the most. We consult musicians, producers, songwriters and recording artists through the process and help guide them in the direction of potential services they may need.



We help design, plan, and/or market some of the largest and most enjoyable events in Colorado history (or at least the attendees said so). Whether it be to promote a brand, or raise money for a charity we have many success stories of successful events that were wins for our clients.

We guide promoters, sponsors, event goers, and charities and in the direction of potential services they may need to effectively reach the audience that will pay to attend an event and visit a venue.




From companies, brands, busy professionals, celebrities, and professional athletes we connect them with their fans and help guide them in the right direction to reach their audience, maximize their exposure, public relations, and earnings.

We work with busy athletes to help them with media planning, booking, management, marketing, promotion campaigns, career longevity, and long lasting legacies.



We help models, tv personalities, filmmakers, screenwriters, with advice and guide them through the complicated professional process of working through the levels of stardom and onto the red carpet.

Great success has come in projects we’ve been involved with. We’ve worked in the creative, production, global distribution, and consulting processes for major films, large celebrity events, magazine covers, TV shows, soundtracks, and award shows.