The Gents Closet Serves as the First Style Haus in Los Angeles

Holding over 20 of the most unique and trendy brands in the nation, The Gents Closet offers clothing with a look and story that sets fashion apparel apart from the rest. Inside The Gents Closet, stylists cater to the customer, helping form new identities at a whole new level of comfort and confidence. From A-list celebrities and clients, to white collar professionals and more, The Gents Closet is changing the fashion scene of Los Angeles and looking to expand their territory down a variety of different avenues.

Reaching out to the most innovative and inspiring brands in the industry is essential. Styles in the showroom can be described as contemporary, urban, dapper. MannyJStyle, creator of The Gents Closet, explains his presence in the company, and the impact of the first men’s style haus to hit Los Angeles.

What is it like working on Sunset Boulevard?

I love working on Sunset Blvd. The community is so full of our clientele; we are convenient for stylists and celebrities. The neighborhood is expanding and we get a chance to witness the growth. We are accessible to some pretty cool Hollywood landmarks as well; the hottest night clubs, bars, lounges and restaurants in Los Angeles. Working on Sunset Blvd is a dream come true and there is so much to take advantage of to continue to grow The Gents Closet into a massive men’s style haus.

What do you think is possibly the biggest flaw behind a man’s personal style?

Men do not care to take a lot of risk when it comes to stepping outside their comfort zone, and it’s not necessarily a flaw, but I just feel it is a lack of knowledge, understanding and comfort. However, when clients step into The Gent’s Closet that is what we do. We teeter along the lines of stepping outside a little towards the things that a client may want to experience with, but not necessarily sure about making the commitment, however, can still get the chance to experience the style. Fit is another thing that is important in men’s fashion. Fit makes the look, and everything does not have to fit tight; we are individuals and we all have different and unique body structures. We all like our clothes to fit our bodies differently, but the right fit makes the world of difference.

What is the most rewarding part of your career?

The most rewarding part of my career is the chance to share my God-given talents with so many people, and I get a chance to be rewarded by seeing people change their opinions about their image; I have the opportunity to play with clothes every day. I also love the fact The Gents Closet serves as an outlet that caters to so many creative individuals and links so many people together for so many opportunities. In a nutshell, I love my job, and I love being paid to do what I love.

What do you believe to be the driving force of success behind The Gents Closet?

The driving force behind the success of The Gents Closet is the people that support and continue to spread the word, and also the fact that we pay attention to our clients; they can see the value behind The Gents Closet when they go and experience compliments. Also it’s the unique menswear brands and lines that we work with. They allow us the opportunity to make our clients look good in their clothes whether an A-list celebrity client, a record exec, or a lawyer… Once we dress you, we give everyone a star touch!

What are your future goals?

The future goals of The Gents Closet are to expand our team of stylists and brand ambassadors, do more monthly events and pop-ups, and expand our territory, brands we work, and eventually our facility and our clientele all over.

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