The Auction Divas Entertain while Raising Millions for Charity

“It lights my day to make a difference in the missions that nonprofits serve,” stated Shelly St. John, founder and lead auctioneer of, The Auction Divas. Sara Dillon of Five Hype had the absolute pleasure of speaking with Shelly about the dynamics of the live auctioneer business, and how The Auction Divas manage to help raise over $1 million per year for charity. Benefiting nonprofit organizations, schools, and churches, The Auction Divas run their operations quite differently than the traditional live auctioneer business.

Yes, they still talk fast, but there are tactics that make a live auction less of a scheduled event, and more of an anticipated performance. Using items and appeal to raise money for charity, The Auction Divas perform rather than sell. Using suspense, humor, and personal interaction, The Auction Divas take an active part in the whole process, spending 25 to 30 hours planning and consulting with event organizers.  Expertise from various careers and ventures aid in creating the best outcome from event to event. Life is a portfolio of encounters and experiences that drives new passion.

There is a science to the success of The Auction Divas, and these ladies strive to continually improve their productions. Their solutions have been able to help nonprofits exceed fundraising goals, and leave a lasting impression for years to come. The crowd of buzzing individuals will find themselves getting competitive for bids, and smiling along the way. Even the skeptical individuals find themselves engaged.

2013 Fundraising Highlights:

Five Weeks | Nine Events | $500,000

One Event | 45 Minutes | $192,000

One Event | 200% Increase in Event Revenue

One Event | First Time Live Appeal | $53,000


Look for events that The Auction Divas will be performing at this year, and read more about their endeavors to serve the community at You can also tune into the The Auction Divas Nonprofit Radio every Wednesday from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM MST (Internet Radio @ Five Hype’s own, Mike Will Downey, will talk on-air with Shelly St. John about Five Hype’s connection with the Denver community and more on April 16, 2014. Plus, hear about upcoming nonprofit events to connect with.

Shelly St. John and The Auction Divas remind us that we are not solely beings on this Earth. Communities of similar individuals with similar ideas band together to create social change, and put more power into important notions. It feels good to support communities and causes.

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