Social Venture Partners Mix Art and Philanthropy to Fund-raise and Inspire

Thursday, November 14th – The Social Venture Partners will hold the first annual Art of Philanthropy event at the Artwork Network (878 Sante Fe Drive) in Denver. “Power of we” is the motto of this hands-on and philanthropic event. Collectively, individuals can make a huge difference in a given community by being the “change-makers”. The Art of Philanthropy event will bring together stories, photographs, words, and anything that portrays a message of charity. The images, stories, and words will be used to create a piece of artwork on the spot. The collective image will be finished at the conclusion of the event, and will represent the efforts to make Denver a better place.

This is a great opportunity to socialize over food, drinks, music, art, and fundraising. The hosts are very experienced in the art of giving and connecting communities. The Social Venture Partners have over 2,700 members from Boston to Bangalore, making SVP the world’s largest network of engaged donors. This global network of local partners use passion and purpose to accomplish challenges that are faced every day. All the great endeavors accomplished in life use a support system of multiple people. Together, the Social Venture Partners see potential in the insurmountable problems.

To attend this one-of-a-kind event, view the flyer below for information on purchasing tickets, and the location.

Please also contact if you plan on attending this inspiring event.

Art of Philanthropy Electronic Invite

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