Skills needed to be a successful CEO

It is difficult to become a qualified CEO. The skills are not acquired easily. They are generally obtained through years of experience as a senior executive or CEO. A CEO needs to have general knowledge in each area, because he can’t afford enough C-level executives to cover all the responsibilities.
There are many skills required to be an outstanding CEO. Let’s look at them:
Planning –
Strategic planning, operational planning, competitive planning
Organizing –
Designing an organization, managing an organization, team building, assembling critical resources
Staffing –
Assessing personnel, Hiring and firing
Directing –
Managing C-Level Execs, Problem solving, Motivational skills
Coordinating –
Communications, Work with Board of Directors
Operating –
Decision making, Meeting objectives, Work with lawyers
Budgeting –
Financial analysis, Accounting, Corporate finance, Valuing companies
Fundraising, Mergers & Acquisitions
Presentations, Know what investors want, Negotiating
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