New York's Premier Venture Investment Conference Returns for 14th Year at The Yale Club

16 Entrepreneurs and 150+ investors are expected to attend Private Equity 2014: National Angel-VC Summit and Capital Investment Forum in the Grand Ballroom of The Yale Club New York, on Wednesday, December 3, 2014.

These deal-oriented venues have been hosted for the last twelve years and are the best investor-attended events of their kind in the U.S. Many private investors, crowdfunding enthusiasts and Angels along with principals from many investment groups, representing more than $25 billion in capital for early and later-stage companies, are expected to attend.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014
The Yale Club New York

Benefits of Attending:

  • Network for 8 hours with 100+ investors who are there to meet tomorrow’s business leaders (see recent list of investor attendees by sector of interest here)
  • Improve the likelihood of your getting funded soon by delivering your vision to a captive audience of receptive, direct funding sources
  • Find out why other successful entrepreneurs have considered this a “must-do” event (their testimonials are here)
  • Benefit from a well-refined agenda that we have developed with our 13+ year history and 49 consecutive fully-booked events to give you maximum exposure at the lowest cost of capital.
  • Value your time with our ultra high-end networking, which eliminates such non-value-added activities such as judging, panels, and dealing with non-check writers that are common at other events

An investor-only, privately underwrittten venue: In contrast with most groups that hold deal-oriented events, our principal differentiator is that we are not part of any government agency or non-profit group, nor are we supported by paid sponsors or are we subsidized by vendors or service providers. As a result, our events are not compromised with a high population of lawyers, accountants, advisors and other non-investors. Accordingly, our events are basically a co-op for the featured companies (basically a trade show model). We underwrite the venue with our own capital and the featured companies share in the cost. Over our 12 year plus history with 45 consecutive fully-booked events behind us, the cost/benefit and potential value of our prestigious investor forums is well-documented from other entrepreneurs.

Conference overview and references: In addition to the attached correspondence, reference letters from past registrants, as well as from companies that were featured at our recent forums can be found on the event website. These should be helpful in giving management a better insight as to the quality and value of our conferences. The upcoming event can provide a highly effective and prestigious venue for management to deliver its vision to a captive audience of receptive investors and well-qualified funding sources. Attendees will primarily include principals of private equity funds, investment partnerships, venture capitalists and Angel groups. More than 150 leading investment funds and other capital sources from throughout the United States are expected to be represented. It’s significant to note that, even against the backdrop of the current economic situation, our recent forum was great success with a sold-out roster of over 250 registrants. I feel that is strong evidence of the brand equity that we have built with investors as well as the readiness of private equity funds Angels and VCs to continue to look at early and later-stage opportunities.  A list of recent investor attendees by sector can be found here while entrepreneur testimonials are noted here.

Presenter Benefits: All Presenters as well as Featured Entrepreneur Guests benefit from broad distribution of their corporate material and the opportunity to engage with investors for extended periods of time on a one-on-one basis throughout the entire 8 to 9 hour venue – as more fully described below under Format and Agenda. In addition, immediately following the event, Presenters receive detailed contact information on all of capital sources attending, along with quantifiable interest from the Participant Surveys that are completed by investors. In this regard, we also provide direct assistance to Presenters in vetting the investors who expressed an interest and assist if the follow-up as may be necessary.  All Presenter slots include attendance of up to 4 members of the management team and/or current investors.

Format and Agenda: The event program is designed to provide a great deal of 8+ hours of investor networking time and a maximum amount of exposure for both the Presenters and Entrepreneur Guests. This is accomplished in several ways. With respect to visibility, each presenting company has a total of thirty to forty minutes of structured face-time with the attendees and up to ten minutes for a Power Point presentation with the entire audience of investors, followed by a twenty to thirty minute breakout session. The presentations are organized in groups of only three to five companies, each presenting in sequence to the whole conference, during which time everyone is seated. There are no concurrent presentations, nor is there anything else going-on when the companies are speaking.

What is important about our format is that, in most cases, a company is never more than ten to twenty minutes away following their presentation, from being able to meet with interested investors, one-on-one or in small groups. By using this type of agenda, we avoid guest burn-out, as the participants are usually never in their seats more than forty minutes at a stretch. This keeps the event very energized and fast-moving. In addition, we maintain the ballroom in a banquet setting all day with round tables – in lieu of a classroom or auditorium-style. This facilitates networking and creates a very social environment at the forum. Following the day’s program, the event continues with a two hour reception. The room is set up with a large number of tables for the principals of the presenting companies to continue their dialogue with investors. The reception is always very well attended and provides an excellent staging area to schedule follow-up with investors.

Transparency: In order to make the event as transparent as possible to potential Presenters, we provide confirmed guest information in advance when it is available. In evaluating the value of this event as platform to showcase a company, we encourage entrepreneurs to look at the websites of the investment organizations listed on the event site. The sites provide detailed information on their portfolio companies, industry preferences, funding capabilities and investment criteria.

Post-Event Targeted Investor Outreach:  If your company is selected to be a Presenter or Featured Entrepreneur Guest then we can provide you with introductions to any of the firms listed on the conference website, irrespective of their attendance at the upcoming event. As you know, in many cases, companies can pay investment bankers up to several hundred thousand dollars in front-end fees and monthly retainers to gain access to these types of investment groups. Companies presenting at this forum gain the same entrée at only a small fraction of that cost, notwithstanding the inherent efficiency of the symposium.

We are aware of no other events in the US which offer the concentration of active private equity investors that are in attendance for the primary purpose of seeing early and later-stage opportunities as do our private equity forums. We expect that our conference will be sold-out, as were our prior forums. From our vantage point, venture capital firms and private equity funds, although still cautious and more selective, are clearly showing increased optimism and much greater interest in considering new investments. In fact, we have seen many top investment funds sign-up for our recent conferences, of which a good number had not registered for our earlier events. Please keep in mind that our forum is not a venture fair or a trade show, but a highly focused symposium for serious early-stage investors and fundable companies.

Very important: One of the principal reasons that our conferences have been so successful is that most other venues, having  the similar stated objective of reaching investors, generally have a very low percentage of investors in attendance. This is because they are supported primarily by “paid corporate sponsors”, who in-turn populate the events with their people. This is not the case at our forums. The majority of the attendees at our events are reliable direct or indirect sources of capital, not service providers, who have no interest in making investments. In addition, the conference program has been specifically designed to maximize management’s ability to meet with interested investors, one-on-one or in small groups in an upscale setting. As you are aware, most professional investors will not even consider deals where they do not know management or those which have not referred by a reliable source. Our forums significantly help to remove these barriers to management’s ability to reach qualified investors.

Our experience has taught us that, even under the best market conditions, raising capital is very time consuming and labor intensive, dominating the attention of management when it should be focused on their company’s objectives. Accordingly, raising capital needs to be handled as a targeted marketing project with an appropriate budget and plan, as would be the case with any other business endeavor – not just an ad hoc project undertaken by the principals of the company. Locating potential investors one by one, sending business plans to people who don’t know to you and following-up can be a daunting task. The question then becomes “What would be the most efficient way to do this?”

If you need funding and want to accelerate the process, presenting this forum can significantly reduce the cost of finding capital as well as the time necessary to raise it, particularly in this current market with fewer active players and tougher investment criteria. The upcoming venue can help you solve the three biggest problems in raising capital 1) identifying qualified investors, 2) gaining credible entrée to them and 3) meeting them under favorable circumstances. Moreover, the event drives the single most essential factor in getting funded quickly, and that is the ability to create “contemporaneous interest” among investors, which also can serve to significantly improve deal terms.


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