Lichstein Imaging Bears No Limits to Craftsmanship in Photography

Lichstein Imaging brings a fresh business mission to Los Angeles. Using personal goals, family values, and an eager mind, Joseph Lichstein takes photography to the next level in order to create the best craftsmanship and artistic development ideas in Los Angeles and beyond. Working with Joseph Lichstein is a pleasure, and his words are of inspiration:

Why did you decide to move from Australia to the United States?

My father was American. He was born in Brooklyn, and raised in L.A. My mother is Australian and they met and fell for each other when she was traveling around America. The story goes (as my mother tells it) that dad chased her all around the world until she finally said yes, and they were married and settled in Australia. I have always had family out here in California but growing up in Australia, I never really got the chance to know them. Six years ago my dad passed away. Being an only child, I have felt intense sadness without him, and this has stayed with me. Dad and I were great mates. Since his death I knew I had to rediscover him through the eyes of his (and my) American family. A wonderful thing happened to me on Facebook a couple of years ago; I discovered I had a half brother. My passion for photography and my yearning to discover my family has lead to my new adventure in the U.S. I have been here nearly a year now, and in that time I have established a growing photography business and I am discovering my new found family.

When did you get your green card?

Because my father was a U.S citizen, I am a U.S citizen. My birth right is that I am known as ‘a U.S citizen born abroad’. How’s that for a category? I am very grateful to my mother who had the foresight to apply for my citizenship when I was just a baby. Under U.S law, the application had to be made before the age of five. My mother told me it was a very onerous process and that I owe her ‘big time’. I am none the less very proud to be a U.S citizen.

What do you believe to be your photographing strengths?

I produce my best work when I am collaborating with like minded individuals – people who love what they do. This gives me inspiration, new ideas and energy. I am able to feed off this like a hungry piranha. Since moving to the U.S I have concentrated mainly on Weddings & Portraits folio. However, I find that I am just as comfortable with fashion, nature, music, sport and ‘grunge’. The difference between a good photographer and a great photographer is their ability to transform the most mundane into the most extraordinary.

How did you come to the name, Lichstein Imaging, for your company?

Originally I was operating under Joseph Lichstein Photography. My cousin suggested that maybe using my last name would be a smarter business decision. I haven’t looked back.

What is your vision for Lichstein Imaging?

My long term goal is to run the most successful studio in Los Angeles where I can coordinate a range of activities – from work inside and outside the studio. I want to cover all genres from fashion, portraits, weddings and music for instance. I do not believe I have to limit myself to one specialty as I believe this ‘pigeonholes’ ones talent and leads to stagnation. I want to remain ‘cutting edge’ and different. I would love to mentor other young, budding photographers and establish a ‘safe’ hub for post graduate students trying to break into the market to generate and concentrate on craftsmanship, artistic development and ideas. This would no doubt; generate a cluster of ‘super photographers’.


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