Lead Alliance partners with LL Business Management

Top Entertainment Business and Financial Management firm based in New York City and Los Angeles, CA is taking over Lead Alliance’s business and financial management operations.

LL Business Management offer a full range of business management services from bill paying to financial management. These services include maintaining current bank balances, performing bank reconciliations, paying all bills on time, and overseeing invoiced receivables and payables. As a client of LL Business Management you will have your own personal account executive that is available to assist you with any financial matter you may have.

We can help assess your financial situation and develop strategies that will enable you to achieve your goals and strengthen your financial security. Our team of professionals can help you with all of your financial needs or we can work in conjunction with preexisting advisers.

LL Business Management can provide specific accounting services for those of our clients who perform on tour. This includes but is not limited to; creating a budget or working on track with a budget that is already in place and filing the appropriate tax forms that are necessary when touring domestically or internationally. With this specialized service you will not only have business management while on tour but have the added advantage of one of our professional account executives making sure that all of your personal matters are taken care of while you are away.

Through its separate division, Lebenhart, Seckendorf, Hasson and Reilly, CPA’s LLC, LL Business Management offers a full range of tax accounting and auditing services. Please visit www.lshrcpas.com for further information.

Marius Bercovici is a partner at LL Business Management, Inc. He has seventeen years of public accounting and business management experience in the Entertainment, Sports, Real Estate, Restaurant and Hospitality industries. Marius’s areas of expertise include Tax Preparation and Strategy, Tax Compliance, Governmental Audits, and Management and Consulting. Marius Bercovici was a junior Member of the AICPA. Marius graduated from the City University of New York at Queens College with a BA.


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