Kevin Ogar Triumphs; Thousands Support the Ogar Strong Movement

One of the best features of community is the power to stand together and rise to an occasion. There is a strong force spreading across the nation right now in the effort to help raise money for Kevin Ogar, an accomplished athlete and coach at CrossFit Unbroken in Englewood, Colorado. Kevin and his family are embarking on a challenging life-changing journey, and are making progress and gaining support daily. Read about Kevin’s triumph over this tragic event right here.


There are numerous ways that individuals and businesses are helping support Kevin Ogar:

Individuals – Donate to Kevin; to help offset the mounting medical expenses for current and ongoing medical needs donations are gladly accepted.

Spread the Word – The more people who know, the more people who can help; ; #ogarstrong

Businesses – Guidelines for Producing Kevin Ogar Products for Sale/Donation: Kevin’s family has given permission to any companies interested in using Kevin’s name and/or likeliness to sell products in an effort to help Kevin raise money. Kevin is currently unable to manage these relationships himself, therefore this will all be based on the honor system.

>>> Guidelines for doing so are as follows:

Logo – Please only use the Ogar Strong Colab logo (PSD) that will be provided on Please do not use Ogar Strong legacy (main) logo due to it being the Ogar brand identity.

Sharing Kevin’s Story – Out of respect to the family, please only use the wording found under the “Kevin’s Story” and “What Happened to Kevin Ogar” sections on Please do not alter this text in any way as it is imperative that the story is told correctly out of respect for Kevin.

Kevin and his family are forever grateful for your support during this difficult time.

Please contact if you have any questions.


Gyms across the nation are also helping support Kevin Ogar by hosting “Ogar” WOD’s (Work-Out of the Day). The WOD can be found on, as well as information on purchasing T-shirts. One hundred percent of the T-shirt proceeds will support the cause. With a huge following already, Five Hype is excited to see how each and every act of support will benefit Kevin in this journey. Check out the Ogar Strong Facebook page.

Kevin Ogar is a man with great abilities; many individuals can probably relate and strive to be, “Ogar Strong”.

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