High-End Colorado Cannabis Event Sends Prohibition Up in Plumes

Friday, January 24th – Jane West of Edible Events Co. shares her first BYOC (Bring Your Own Cannabis) dinner event of the year. Marketed towards the crowd that appreciates high-end food and a nice buzz, this “End of Prohibition” event will feature savory foods that touch all five senses.

“It has been my dream to produce exclusive events that cater to your senses and combine visually stunning art gallery venues with decadent food and libations to create a unique, unforgettable evening affair,” stated Jane West of Edible Events Co. Having hosted dinner parties for years with beverages and dishes infused with cannabis, West realized that cannabis is a sound alternative to wine-induced hangovers.

“I want cannabis to be an option out there. I’m a woman in my 30’s, and I think we drink too much wine. And then we text each other the next day, like, ‘I feel awful; I’m so hungover.'”

On January 24th, Edible Events Co. and Three Tomatoes Catering will join in providing the Denver community with titillating treats in a cannabis-accepted environment. The dishes created by, Abby Schissler, for the event are meant to “evolve” with each bite. Sparkling and still water, wine, and beer will also be available. Due to regulations, cannabis will not be in the food; guests are asked to bring their own cannabis, and agree not to drive while impaired. Uber has graciously given a code for rides to and from the event.

Vapors are welcome within the Space Gallery (765 Santa Fe Drive), and a bus equipped with lighting and sound will be placed outside of the event to serve as a lounge for smoking. For Colorado, this is an end of marijuana prohibition celebration. Jane West helps lead the transition towards what events might offer in this new age. With 150 tickets available, join Edible Event Co. “End of Prohibition” event at the Space Gallery by registering here. The menu is also available to view. Prepare for amazement with Brie, Mango and Poblano Chili Quesadillas, Skewered Blue Cheese Meatballs, Orange Smoked Salmon Fillets, and more!

Feel free to contact Mike Will Downey with any questions, comments, and to RSVP to this innovative evening. Also make sure to join the after-party from 11:00 PM to 2:00 AM at the INTERSTATE kitchen & bar.

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