Denver Nuggets take on Dunkxchange

Buying the perfect pair of sneakers can be costly and unpredictable. Buying online can be a risk for accumulating fake sneakers and wasting a lot of hard earned money. But what if you could have the opportunity to buy, sell, and trade your sneakers and apparel at an awesome event? Dunkxchange is a fun and social event for all of you sneaker enthusiasts that enjoy the fashion and music industry and are sick of being conned out of your money.

Gary Hughes started DXC/Dunkxchange in 2005 after purchasing a pair of fake sneakers from China. He wrote, “I actually bought 3 pairs of fake Heinekens Dunks from China online that cost me around $1400. I have a wife, kids and bills to pay. So, when I saved my money for sneakers, I wanted to get the kicks I was paying for.” Having a history in the fashion and music industry he decided to host an event that gave fellow sneaker admirers an opportunity to buy, sell and trade sneakers and apparel.

Not only are the sneakers a fundamental element of the DXC events, but it is now incorporating elements of hip-hop music, fashion/street wear and art. The event routinely features live performances and guest appearances from hip-hop and R&B top artists, in addition to some of the newest and hottest emerging talent. The one thing that connects all of these characteristics is the art aspect of the DXC.

With many different vendors present, shoe shoppers get a variety to choose from, and businesses are able to gain product visibility. The event caters to clothing lines, retailers, designers, wholesalers, and other entities looking to gain exposure for their product or service.

On April 12th, 2014 the Dunkxchange will be teaming up with the Denver Nuggets to bring this unique event to a wider Denver audience! DXC will be hosted at the Pepsi Center before the Denver Nuggets Vs. Utah Jazz game from 1pm to 4:30.

Whether you are a potential vendor or attendee contact Alex Foley for more information about DXC Denver.


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