Beyond the Horizon Takes Colorado Triathlons to the Next Step

Triathletes possess both an internal and external beauty. Internally, triathletes push themselves through unimaginable challenges in swimming, biking and running, using strength in both body and mind. Externally, the triathlete lifestyle, hours of training, healthy eating, fuels their bodies through the next workout and permeates through every area of their lives.  By pushing the limits of the human body and spirit, athletes of all shapes and sizes show spectators the power of overcoming physical and mental obstacles in life.

These attributes of the everyday triathlete are just a few reasons why Caroline Rivers, triathlete and producer of Beyond the Horizon, is bringing the first triathlon to Grand Lake, Colorado. Never done before, these Olympic and Half Distance Triathlons will introduce athletes to the beautiful mountain town of Grand Lake.  Athletes will swim in the largest natural body of water in Colorado, and ride along the famous, Trail Ridge Road, the longest, most continuous paved road in the North America and run on the roads that wind along the edge of the Rocky Mountain National Park.   At altitudes of 8,400 feet, athletes will challenge themselves in body, no doubt, but the return will be something they never forget and will want to come back year after year.

Grand Lake is well known throughout the country for it’s snowmobiling, and well known to the Colorado natives for it’s fishing and epic 4th of July festivities, but it is also becoming one of the most sought-out destinations in the world and athletes and families will soon find out why. Named a National Geographic ‘Best Trip’, Grand Lake is located on the Western edge of the Rocky Mountain National Park. Bearing historical features, the town also holds entertainment throughout the various local eats, buzzing saloons, and comfortable lodges. Offering horseback riding, ATVs, boating, fishing, hot air balloons, and more, Grand Lake holds multiple opportunities to explore outside of the race.

Becoming something new or improved is also what prompted Rivers to create this new race series.  Designing and creating in the design/architecture field for many years, she decided to re-create herself and bring her passion and experience of ten years racing triathlons to create a special event that, not only satisfies the athlete, but benefits the community of Grand Lake. Rivers believes in leaving a legacy; you cannot continually take in life. Share your passion, give back to others, push your limits, overcome challenges, and leave a lasting impression for the future. Caroline Rivers and the town of Grand Lake are proud to introduce, Triathleta Productions, Inaugural Beyond The Horizon Olympic and Half Distance Triathlons.

For more information about this one-of-a-kind race set for August 16, 2014, please visit the Triathleta: Beyond the Horizon webpage. You can also register here. Feel free to contact Sara Dillon of Five Hype with any further questions or comments.

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